Eurasia Partners Ltd

A Trade and Investment consulting company

We support your business
in understanding, establishing itself and finding partners
in Eurasian markets.

• Bespoke market entry strategies
• Innovative approaches
• Creative solutions
• Institutional memory and extensive experience
• Original outlook


We mould our approach to each individual company, whether you are a SME or a world-renowned international corporation in order to maximise your opportunities for growth and development.

We understand that in-depth knowledge and experience within the institutional and cultural structure of the markets and economy of a country are essential to understanding its institutions. Our staff have all worked in and with the markets of Russia, East Asia, Central Asia and the Caspian in order to gain the most measured and perspicuous perspectives on the challenges and possibilities of the region.

Our methodology takes companies seamlessly from the beginning to the end of the trade and investment process. Whether it is finding regional partners, conducting extensive market research or managing the entire process we are invested in your success.